Introducing WILSON

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s a sobering statistic: The average 300 unit apartment community generates 15GB of data across property management, payments, repairs a month. To put that into context, the base version of IPhone 13 has 128 GB of storage, so 8.5 months of property data will be enough to fill up your iPhone.

Safe to say, using all this data and finding signal is hard work. But most of us in the industry have to wrangle, dangle this data to make sense of what is going on.

And this is more important in 2022 than years past.


Apartment and Single family investors are investing millions of dollars in customer engagement and resident satisfaction. This ranges from amenities, community building software and measuring CSAT (or customer satisfaction) through a series of software vendors.

Training and hiring

With the rising turnover and workforce challenges, training, baselining quality of service, marketing spend and maintenance spend is more important than ever.

Financial services and ancillary revenue

With Rent Tech, Deposits, there have been constant streams of ancillary revenue available to property managers. However, penetration of these products remains limited. Which residents will like an Alfred, which ones did Sightplan retain after all?

To answer these, we decided to look at our own Big Data platform which was processing data on more than 500,000 lease outcomes and built something for operators that matters to them – Loyalty.

We introduce our new loyalty tool called WILSON (Wickedly Intelligent Loyalty SolutiON)

WILSON leverages datasets that are generated by your community to help understand loyalty, create customer segments and plan / forecast better. These range from work orders, income, FICO, payment patterns, to message volumes and CSAT.

WILSON gives you a unified view – allowing an apartment manager to have better insights, better training and better workforce planning, through understanding their biggest asset – the customer.

WILSON is named after Wilson Jerman, who was a butler to 11 US Presidents and passed away in May’20 of COVID.

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, White House Doorman, Aug. 5, 2004. Photo by Tina Hager, Courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum